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Originals are for sale and prices are displayed on the same page as the artwork.  If you would like a digital image of how an artwork could look in your space, send me an image of the space and I can digitally add the piece to give you an idea of what the room will look like with the artwork on the wall. 

Paintings are crated in wooden boxes to ensure safe delivery and can be reused for storage or moving.  Delivery and handling is extra and will depend on the size of the work and location of where the art is going.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to work with you when it comes to adding my work to your home, business or collection. Purchasing multiple works can often result in a discounted price.

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the artwork, returns will be accepted, so long as artwork is returned in same condition as it left my studio, you’ll just be responsible for shipping the work back.  This is where renting a piece for a few months can really help determine, if you like the piece, or love the piece and want it forever!

If you rent a work, and during that time decide to purchase it, that money can be used toward the artwork.



Like my style, but couldn't find the right image, size or price range.  Perhaps I could work with you, to create a custom one-of-a-kind painting of just what you are looking for, in whatever price range and size you need.  Please contact me if you would like further information.

Time lines for commissions are anywhere from a week to 4-6 weeks depending on subject matter and size. Prices are roughly $50-$150 per square foot, it just depends on size and subject matter. If you have a budget in mind, I can certainly work with you.

The bike painting below is a commission I did for someone who liked my autobahn road painting, but the painting was to big, 96"x96", and he wanted an American road instead.  We looked through a number of photographs until we found the right ones then digitally blended them together to create the composition we wanted. Below is the finished painting along with the autobahn painting that inspired it.

Below, here is an example of a painting being too big for a house, 120"x84", so we made a similar one at a smaller size, 72"x60".


Portrait requests are also welcome. From a classical pose to a full body image, I can create just the painting you would like, if you like my style of course. My best example of my portraiture would be my presidents painting seen below. I could also do a full body portrait if interested, many examples are seen throughout my painting portfolios.

Have a blank wall that you would like to transform into a beautiful painted mural, I may be able to help you. All subjects are welcome; kids themes, fantasy landscapes, abstract or whatever you have in mind. Please contact me if you are interested, you can see examples on my mural page.
Rent Artwork

Perhaps you just want a piece of artwork in your house for a few months. Maybe a new look for a party you’re having, to change up a wall that has been bare for a while, or have a new look where an old artwork has been for years and you don’t want to own the art or pay the full price. Renting artwork might be an option for you.

If you own a business and want to fill the entire office with a number of my artworks to give the old office a new feel, that is an option to. I can work with you to find artworks that will work best with the office space, give it a fresh look, and break the monotones feeling of the space for a few months.

Before artwork can be installed, proof of insurance and proof of experienced art handlers to hang the work will be will be needed. Artwork may not be installed in full or partial sun as this will cause long-term damage and fade the colors over time. Shipping will be extra and will depend on location of space where art is being rented.

I can also quote you to do the installation myself and bundle the art, shipping and installation together. I actually prefer to install the work myself, with my team.

Commission loans are also available upon request. This is a situations where you want a specific themed piece at a specific size but you do not want to own it, just rent the commissioned piece. I can work with you through the entire process to find the exact piece for you space.

If rental is of something of interest to you, please contact me, and i will work with you to get the right pieces for your space.


Like an artwork but don’t want to pay for the original, or its too big, or just don’t want the responsibility of owning an original oil painting, you can get prints of any artwork at custom sizes to fit both your budget and space.  Using state of the art printing methods, Prints of up to 44" wide can be produced.  All prints are signed by the artist and come with a white border to allow for easy framing.

Prices start at $.20- per/square inch on Premium photo matte paper. For Example: 20"x20"=400 square inches x $.20 =$80.00 + shipping.

Other Papers are available, and prints may be made on canvas and wrapped around a frame, (aka giclee), to create the illusion of an original painting. 

Please feel free to contact me regarding prints, I’d be happy to work with you if you were interested in getting one or hundreds made for your home or business.

Exhibition / Gallery

I am always looking to expand my creative reach and exhibit in other spaces in other cities, states and countries.  If your gallery, museum or space is interested in exhibiting my work, please contact me with what opportunity you have available. I would love to work something out. You can view examples on my exhibition page.

Art Services

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other creative inquiries that you’d like to run by me.  Most of my work on the site is paintings, but I come from a very diverse background and enjoy working on a multitude of projects in various mediums. With a background in Architecture, Design, Computer Graphics, Carpentry, Metalworking, Creative Art-project management, Event Planning, and a multitude of knowledge in various other studio arts, I may be able to be of service to you.  Below is an image of a mirror I designed while working as a project manager at an art and design firm.

Graphic Design

Through my own studio practice, I do a lot of digital editing creating show posters, business cards and this entire web site. If you have a graphic request, I may be able to be of service to you. Below are examples of both, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any graphic work for posters, business cards, cards, or any print designs. Just email your request and I can give you a quote for your job.


Live Painting

Have an event or party that you would like to add a live painting exhibition to, if interested, please contact me with the details and I will get back to you. Below are pictures of events I have dome in the past. The image is from the EFFEN Art of Design event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, IL. There was over 1,500 people in attendance when I was painting on stage. I felt, a little, like a rock star.