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This video will give you a time-lapse image of how I create a painting from beginning to end. The video took me almost 2 years to complete. Enjoy!























Frames / Stretcher bars / Assemble / Prep / Paint

Stretcher bars are the inner structure for a painting that allows the canvas material to be stretched over the frame and made taught for a painting to be created upon. Most of my frames are made in the studio to custom sizes for specific projects. This allows me to have more control over sizes for various clients site specific needs. It also allows me to make a sturdier frame than most of the store bought ones, ultimately reducing the chances of warping and deconstruction over the years. Size is of little concern when it comes to custom made canvasses, I have made frames from as small as 4"x4" and up to 120"x84". If interested in a commissioned painting, we can find the exact size needed for your site so we can eliminate the need to make a wrong size work.

Once a frame is made, it needs to get Gesso 'd multiple times to create a workable surface for the oil or acrylic paint. The whole frame making process can often take a week to complete a canvas depending on the size. Below are pictures showing the process from the wood shop to the finished product.

  • raw wood
  • cut to size
  • assembled
  • stretch canvas
  • gesso
  • surface
  • paint